Jane Doyle Rugs

Originally rag rugs were made using scraps of old discarded or saved clothing, sheets or blankets. Rugs were woven out of the ‘rags’ into simple but beautiful ‘hit and miss’ patterns. The colors were dictated by the available materials.

I began weaving rag rugs more than 27 years ago. Because I wanted a heavier more durable product than the conventional rag rug, I discovered a traditional though little used rag rug technique. Called Taquete or Summer and Winter on Opposites, this weave allowed me to incorporate fresh, new contemporary designs while keeping the rag rug tradition alive. This double binding technique produces heavy durable rugs bound of two different layers. Inverse colors appear on opposite sides. Because of their durability, all of the rugs are made to be walked on. However, because of their distinctive designs, many of my customers prefer to hang them on a wall or use them across a bed or table. All of my designs are original and are usually block or geometric patterns. The palettes range from bright contrasting colors to more subtle soft hues.

I use new, commercially dyed cotton/poly ‘rags’ for the weft and 100% cotton warp. The rugs can be machine washed, usually in a home machine. Shrinkage and fading are minimal.

My work is available directly from this website, by commission and through retail shops and galleries.